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1. Gian Pilz wrote at 06.10.2016
Greetings from Italy! Pity I live so far from you, otherwise I would ask to join to you :)
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2. Roger Morton wrote at 05.01.2016
Happy New Year to all our supporters
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3. Janet Clements wrote at 13.12.2015
Great concert last night.
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4. David Banks-Broome wrote at 14.09.2015
Very,very well done today at the Hawth, Michael and the band.
The results speak for themselves: First place and five of the 'specials'.
Nearly as many as Wantage Silver!
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5. David Banks-Broome wrote at 29.09.2014
Missed you at the Hawth yesterday. Lots of Gregson, with some Holst, Lalo, Vinter, Goffin,
Howells etc., and 'The Legend of King Arthur' which I've not heard before.
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6. David Banks-Broome wrote at 19.05.2013
Well done at Crawley today. I didn't get to find the placing but very good programme.
It was worth getting out of bed just for "McArthur Park"
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7. sue/ray wrote at 15.03.2013
hi did we just see some of your band on comic relief supporting james Corden
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8. Chris Connolly wrote at 04.06.2012
Hello. Hope your Jubilee concert went well today. SE20 Mag said it was in Crystal Palace.. I saw many others aimlessly wandering about looking in vain for the bandstand.

Hope to hear CPB's celebration in 2022.
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9. David Banks-Broome wrote at 20.05.2012
Well done today CPB, 2nd place is a very good result.
Good balanced programme. Keep it up.
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10. Christine Fankhauser wrote at 30.08.2010

In the name of whole Lengnau Band, I wanted to thank you for the concert at Lengnau Festival. It was fantastic and we are all delighted to have met you. Unfortunately, you had to leave a bit early, but I hope to see and meet you on another occasion, maybe we make it on a whit friday together? :-)

Cheers from Switzerland

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11. Markus Eggenberger wrote at 29.08.2010
Sorry CLARE, if i writing a wrong name yours before. Mark.
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12. Markus Eggenberger wrote at 29.08.2010
I say hello CPB, special to Claire, Simon and Roger. Was a very well concert together with us. Thanks a lot!!! Mark, MG Zetzwil, Switzerland.
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13. Boaty wrote at 06.07.2010
Bit of googling brought up the band. Shame in the history of the band is the missing part when we played Henry V at a contest - I'd love to hear that again. It was (in my memory) a turely awesome start. William "Spazza" Spencer won the best instumentalist ? playing Sop. We'd been at the bar for a little while and I have a wonderful memory of him running from the bar up on stage and kissing the judge whilst waving the cup above his head. Made me smile.
All the best to the band.
Boaty - now in the wilds of the Gloucestershire.
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14. Eddie Backhouse wrote at 25.03.2010
Top left 1966 photo of the band is me. I now live in South Africa and am still active in both brass band (Cape Concert Brass), big bands and small jazz groups. It's good to see the band still thriving. Do any of the others of my era (1956 to 1970) contact or write in to you? Do you maintain a 'Where are they now' page? When I first started at the age of nine years, I wore Willie Grant's (the conductor) uniform (he was a very small man. Are you still contesting.Good luck for the future. Cheers....Ed
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15. Robert Chessell wrote at 20.03.2010
Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site - especially the historical material. I had evidence in my genealogical research that my grandfather was in the Crystal Palace band at some point, but what a treat it was to find him in the photo of the 1921 band, right in the front row! And the programme for that era is an especially interesting read as well.
Are there any other sources/lists available for 1920s and 30s era bands associated with Crystal Palace? I believe my father was also a band member in that era, although I haven't been able to verify that as yet.
Thanks again for a wonderful site.

Robert Chessell
Barrie, ON, Canada
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16. Major John Merser wrote at 18.09.2009
Good to see that the Band is still going strong I am a former member and played in the band in the late sixties under Charlie Sherriff
in the old temperance hall at Norwood and looking at the photo of 1966 I remember most of the players named and some of the players that are not in the photo Including Nigel Renouf and John Rogers keep it up I now play in Regent Hall Salvation Army Band.
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17. Julie Barry wrote at 20.03.2009
Hi to you all,
Good luck at Stevenage.
I may see you there, I am playing for Woodbridge Exelsior in the morning,
A great band, just like Crystal Palace!!
Julie Barry
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18. Duncan Wilson wrote at 06.03.2009
Hi CPB! A quick note to say best of luck for the contest in Stevenage. I'll miss you this year as my band plays on the Sunday. Can't believe it's 9 years since we moved up to the sunny fens, but I still remember CPB with much fondness, especially the Charlton posse! We are expecting our 2nd child in the summer. I am hoping that they will both do something far more useful than try and play the trombone! Love to all, Duncan Wilson
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19. Malcolm Woodcraft wrote at 22.02.2009
I've just spotted your website while browsing the web.My father George Woodcraft played solo-horn during the 30's to 50's and I spent many a Sunday morning listening to rehearsals. I occassionally played euphonium at rehearsals while I was in the RAF. I still remember a few names; Stan Grant, Stan Blackhouse,Harry Menke (librarian),Ernie Brown and Ernie Sturgess to name but a few plus, of course, "uncle" on the drums.
I live in Devon now but I'll have to keep an eye on the website when I come to London.Good Luck for the future
Malcolm Woodcraft
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20. Dave Payn wrote at 18.09.2008
Just to say how sorry and sad I am to learn of Mick Graham's passing. He was a member of CPB when I first joined in 1979 and I echo Mike Gray's observations of his 'quiet good humour' and 'gentlemanly manner'. Hugely talented as a musician, allied to his natural modesty, he was a person who easily attracted the utmost respect amongst those like me, fortunate enough to have known him. May he rest in peace.

Dave Payn
Isle of Arran
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