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41. Marge and Ian Walsh wrote at 29.08.2006
Thank you all for a great weekend in Cornwall. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was great to see you all again. Hope to join you on any future trips!!
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42. TeresaWeiler wrote at 28.08.2006
My brother plays in the band, Mike Weiler and so I came to look at the site. It really is impressive. I have been to a Christmas concert and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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43. Julia Lund wrote at 08.07.2006
My Grandfather, Robert Barter, was a member of the band in 1921 and his son, Peter, is still alive and living in South Wales.
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44. Dave Morrison wrote at 19.06.2006
I heard your band play in Southwark Park on Sunday 18th June and I really enjoyed it. I like your web site
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45. Roger Morton wrote at 23.05.2006
Hi folks
I think the developer of our guest book is doing a security upgrade to reduce spam. On my PC, Explorer drops the broadband connection and keeps asking me to dial up!
If you are also having problems, send me the message via email and I'll put it up.
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46. paul smith wrote at 20.01.2006
best wishes to all for 2006.Hope to get to a concert when the weather improves.Love to Jan still think about Rog especially when someone tells me a corny joke.See you all soon....Paul
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47. Matt Smith wrote at 12.12.2005
Here's to a happy and successful new year, and sometime in 2006, I hope to come and visit you all with my wife and daughter, who even though is just 3 can already get a note out on my tuba,
From Matt, Maria and Viera Smith
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48. Rob & Kay Martin wrote at 21.11.2005
We thoroughly enjoyed the memorial concert for Roger but as soon as the band struck up the emotions kicked in and the loss of Roger became very raw again. He was a great friend to Kay and I, first as a neighbour and then as a firm family friend. Our boys fondly remember Roger as the "Pennies Man" because he would always play "spin ups" with them and lose every coin he had on him. We have great memories of Roger and will always miss him.
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49. Pete Cooper wrote at 20.11.2005
Roger my old darling I tried so hard to make your memorial concert but its a long way to come and between work and Las Vegas Band engagements I just could not make it sorry mate I really,really wanted to be there.Just after you left us the Las Vegas Brass Band played William Himes arrangemeent of Nicea on one of our concert and we dedicated it to you, I didn't play much because I really could not see the music that well as I was thinking of all the wonderfull times we had together when we played together with Crystal Palace all those years ago,Goodbye mate I miss you,Pete xxxxx
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50. Roger and sue young and family wrote at 05.11.2005
Roger was always a huge presance in all our lives,from the time he started school with my husband, through their Boys Brigade days, our young years together, and later becoming Godfather to our children, he is sadly missed by us all. We would like to take this opportunity to say how much we enjoyed the wonderful tribute concert to our good friend Roger. We both felt that he was there with us in spirit, and wish to thank everyone involved for their hard work.
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51. John Sones wrote at 01.11.2005
May we offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Roger Clements Memorial Concert at St Georges Church in Beckenham on Saturday October 22nd.
It was apparent to all those present that it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and one which will last in all our minds.
The level of professionalism was a credit to the Band and we are sure that Roger would have been very proud of this tribute, and the memory being a wonderful source of comfort to my Sister, Janet.
John, Chris, Kevin, Helen and Sadie
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52. anne-marie + patrick wrote at 30.10.2005
It was truly an amazing tribute for Roger last Saturday and a reflection of his passion. We moved in next door to Jan and Roger 5 years ago and developed a great friendship. Roger was often our saviour as we were forever blowing up something in the house and Roger would come over and sort it out, he was great for coming up with solutions. When we locked ourselves out he casually held Patrick's 6ft 2 legs dangling through the window while I watched in amazement Patrick land head first, exactly 5 years ago today he rescued us from the dark on his wedding anniversary much to Jan's delight he was nursing a raging toothache but still put himself out to help us. I have very fond memories of Roger most of them over the garden fence as thats where we constantly met, he loved outdoors and made the best of dry weather and his lovely garden. This summer we really missed Roger, his pottering around clanging in the garage, I still cant pronounce what he 'practised' on but it made a hell of a racket, but most of all we miss him being around. The tribute was a reflection of how many peoples lives he touched and that includes ours at number 5. Our thougths are with his family and especially Jan whose wedding anniversary it was yesterday. God bless
warmest wishes
Anne-Marie and Patrick xx
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53. Ryan Barry wrote at 28.10.2005
I really enjoyed the concert, especially the bits where Adam came in with the drums. I must have thought that Roger could hear that really loudly.
When I saw the piano coming onto the stage area, I asked my daddy if I could play it. Then I asked Mike Gray if I could play in the concert and he said "yes, you can Ryan". When it was nearly my turn, I was really, really nervous, but then Janet said "Go on Ryan, you can do it for Uncle Rog". Then I thought, I'm still nervous but I must do it.
The second to last song I played a piece of music called "On The Lake". After I had played it, everybody clapped really loudly. I hope Roger heard the big clapping and didn't laugh when I forgot to bow!
I just wish Roger could have been there.
from Ryan Barry
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54. Julie Barry wrote at 28.10.2005
A fantastic concert for a fantastic friend!

I was SO proud to be playing back in the heart of CPB again after 5 years of not playing at all, although it did feel strange not having Roger on my immediate right telling me where I was supposed to be! Roger would have been really pleased that I am now at last playing again, and about to join a local band near my home in Suffolk, following the concert. Thanks Roger for bringing me back to reality!

The venue for the concert could not have been better, it sounded fantastic. Roger would have been so pleased to see so many past members all playing together, as though they had never left.

It is true, Roger will never be forgotten, and neither will the warmth and friendliness that he helped to nurture within Crystal Palace Band. It is such a special band to be part of. Thank you for letting me join the ranks once again on such an important day, and I hope there will be other opportunities sometime in the future.
Julie Barry
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55. Ian & Marge Walsh wrote at 25.10.2005
What a great evening! Roger would have been thrilled to know how many people thought such a lot of him. Apart from the great playing in a great venue, it was wonderful to meet up with friends from the past. Roger will be remembered for years to come (who could possibly forget him?!) and the greatest tribute the band could pay to him is to keep going strong. To us, Crystal Palace will always be 'Rogers Band'. We hope we will play with you again in the not too distant future.
Well done on a great event on Saturday.
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56. Mike Gray wrote at 25.10.2005
I will eventually thank the band personally for their truly marvellous effort last Saturday which produced the very finest playing. Here I would like to pay tribute to our guests and former members of the band, Karl Lutchmayer, Emma Gray and Ian Walsh, our guest soloists and that other stirling "band" of helpers and caterers who made the evening go with a swing. Roger would have been greatly pleased and very proud to know he had been given such a warm and sonorous send-off. Bravo! Mike Gray
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57. Michael Clements wrote at 24.10.2005
Following my previous message, on behalf of Janet and myself, I want to thank all those involved in Saturdays Tribute Concert but there are so many people in the background who have given their time that I do not know where to start. It must be obvious to all just by the size of the audience just how much Roger's enthusiasum had influenced everyone who came into contact with him. The culmination of everyone's efforts was heard in the vibrance of the music, truly magnificent and heart rending to think that Roger could inspire so many people to give their time in tribute to him.
To all the anonymous army, and those on the front line :-
Michael & Janet Clements
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58. Michael Clements wrote at 24.10.2005
Dear Mike Gray,
May I thank you so much for the wonderful Tribute Concert for Roger. I wanted to say so much more at the Concert but felt that the audience may not have understood if I had gone into more personal details. The program was fully representative of all Roger held dear and I thank you for allowing, in one instance, against your personal judgement, music that he loved. After the concert I spoke to quite a few of the Band and all of them thought that the program was exactly what they enjoyed playing which was so very obvious even to the uneducated. A truly professional performance which will not be forgotten by all who were present.
Again, Thank you,
Michael Clements
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59. Ian & Emma Heard wrote at 24.10.2005
We are honoured to have been part of the memorial concert for Roger last Saturday. What a concert! It was a truly fantastic evening and one we won`t forget for a very long time. We dearly wanted to pay tribute to Roger as we were unable to attend his funeral. We have many hilarious stories of Roger - what a lovely man who is greatly missed by all!
It was wonderful to meet with so many old faces from the past at the concert - it`s been so long since we have seen you all, and it was lovely to meet with the present players of the band who made us all so very welcome. Well done on organising such a wonderful evening. Our love & best wishes to you all!
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60. Major George Whittingham wrote at 24.10.2005
Congratulations on last Saturday.
Sorry we could not support but we had an engagement in Southend
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